Monday 21 April 2014

There IS Only ONE

“Until mankind can understand that there is only One (one mind, one life, one intelligence, one reality) manifesting Itself in infinite form and variety, there will always be that sense of separation holding man in bondage to the false sense of duality and separation.

Think about THIS!! There is either Heaven OR Earth (hell).
Heaven represents Garden of Eden, and Earth represents duality and separation. Heaven IS LOVE, Earth is free will , whatever you choose.
What do YOU desire the most in this lifetime?

I want Happiness and Love which translates back to togetherness, Oneness and ultimately EDEN(home) again.

How do we do that on this planet? We erase ego, get rid of dualism, become ONE. (If we could only get our heads/minds around the fact that we are living a dream/illusion/matrix)

The only way I believe most people think they get to Heaven(EDEN) is to go beyond this life. Give up this “body”. Go to higher dimensions.

I believe there is a better way, harder and much more difficult but possible. Many masters did it. We just need to “master” I AM  

Im already so farrrrr too deep if anyone sees this, but its where my mind is.

Its MY goal!!

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